Rowenta DW5080

rowenta dw5080

Rowenta DW5080 iron Review for You Who Are Looking Rich-Feature Steam Rowenta Iron dw5080 review we provided here will help you to determine which steam irons you can choose. As we all know, choosing this product can be really hard to do. There are lot of factors you need to consider, especially feature and what you can get from the product. And, for dw5080 here is few things that you need to know.

rowenta dw5080

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Rowenta DW5080

The Design

The design of this product can be considered really cool. The combination between dark brown and white color, create an elegant and futuristic appearance. More than that, there are many parts on it, which also give it great looks. The design itself isn’t only about appearance. The placement for button to operate all function and features you can get from this product also can be found in easy to reach area. You can operate it with just one finger.

The other good thing about this product is the location of the tank, where you put in the water for creating steam. It uses transparent material, so you can easily check the water level inside. If it’s about to run out, you can fill it as soon as possible. It is also equipped with core safety. This will make you easier to move this iron around, without being tangled by the wire.

The Features

In this Rowenta Iron DW5080 review, we also explain about several features that this product has. The first feature is the Microsteam 400-holes design. This patented design will make the stream spread evenly. That means you will be able to steam off wider area of your clothes, which make it easy to make it neat. This system allows this product to product really powerful steam shot, around 100 gram/min. that will help you to remove all problems on your clothes faster. You also can get many different variations with the FOCUS system on it. For example, you can get Variable and Vertical Steam if you want.

The water tank on this product has capacity at 10 ounce. That will give you long time to use this product before you need to refill it. The other good thing is you don’t need to use distilled water to fill it up. You can use tap water, and that would be enough. More than that, the front side of this product is also equipped with spray. The spray will be able to reach wider area in front of you and make you easier to make the curling part and wrinkle disappear.

This steam iron also has 3 different systems for safety. They are safety shut-off, and then anti-calcium system that will help you to avoid calcium blockage and build up which can damage this product and your clothes. And the last one is self-clean system that work like its name, it will automatically clean the inside of the water tank for making this product last longer. That safety shut-off can be said as one of interesting feature you can find in this product. With this system, you can easily adjust how long you want to use this steam iron. That means you don’t need to worry about forgetting to turn off your steam iron that can lead to other bigger problem. The last feature is Anti-Drip system. It can prevent leaking problem as well as spitting when you use it on low temperature. However, there are many problems reported by its user and some of Rowenta Iron DW5080 review that this product has leaking problem. Mostly, it can show up, because it doesn’t get good maintenance.

Basically, if we have to choose one of best steam iron with lot of feature, dw5080 is one of best choice. You can see lot of great thing from this product. And, that’s all our Rowenta Iron DW5080 review.

Rowenta Iron DW5080 Review, Good Quality Steam Iron

Rowenta Iron DW5080 review can become great way for you to find best steam iron for your house. But, why it has to be DW5080? There are many reasons, why this product becomes our best recommendation. Here are some of them.

DW5080 Design

The design is very simple and easy to use. First, the location of button is really good. You can operate all the buttons, handle or other part to activate the function with just one hand. Reach the steam button with your thumb, when you hold it. Use your other finger to adjust how much heat you want to use, so you can match it with the type of fabric of clothes that you are ironing. The handle is also designed to be fit with your hand, regardless your hand size. It’s comfortable to hold.

The Feature

In this Rowenta Iron DW5080 review, we also give you some information about the feature you can get from this product. First is the Patented Microsteam system. There are 400 holes on this part, which make it able to create powerful and wide spread steam. This system will be able to make the steam penetrate all fabric layers of your clothes. You can easily remove the wrinkles on your clothes with this ability.

More than that, the thermostat knob is also designed to be easier to use. You can easily choose several different modes you want to use, such as auto steam, burst and vertical steam. This steam iron is also equipped with 10-ouch water tank that will become the place where you put the water. And, you can use tap water, so it doesn’t need to be distilled one. The water tank is also equipped with level indicator, which makes you easier to see how much water left inside.

The Flaw

Although we give you lot of information in this Rowenta Iron DW5080 review, there is also a flaw that you need to understand. The only flaw is the water can leak out after several time you use it. Usually, this problem happens, when you use it without steam or you left it behind for some time. But, mostly, this problem happens when you don’t give this product good treatment and maintenance, for example, keeping it on the right place after you use it and other.

We can say that DW5080 is one of best product you can choose. It has lot of features and fewer flaws, if you compare it with other product, like what you can find on other Rowenta DW5080 focus iron Best Price.

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