Rowenta dw9280

Rowenta DW9280 Steam Force Iron Reviews That Show How Effective This Product for Ironing, Ironing is much easier with a high-tech steam force iron by Rowenta, including Rowenta Iron DW9280 Steam Force Iron. Rowenta steam irons have more sophisticated features that traditional irons don’t. Here, we want to summarize the specialty that the best Rowenta irons have from trusted reviews Rowenta irons

Rowenta dw9280


Rowenta dw9280

The Use of SteamForce Technology

Most Rowenta focus irons are using a specific technology known as SteamForce. This technology helps to remove wrinkles on fabrics fast. The best part is that this feature works effectively for all types of fabrics.
The faster you remove wrinkles on your clothes, the shorter the ironing process. It means you also don’t need extra effort only to iron your outfits. The process is even easier and faster due to the use of 1800-watt steam. The combination between SteamForce and powerful steam makes your outfit look tidy and smooth.

The Use of Sophisticated System

The manufacturer tries to produce Rowenta professional irons that work not only for residential but also commercial. You can see it from the design and sophisticated systems applied to the product. Anytime you find a Rowenta irons review, you will see that this product is using an electronic steam pump with up to 210g burst of steam.

This product also uses a 10.8 oz water tank capacity that is easy to fill. It is a larger tank capacity compared to other traditional steam irons. A sophisticated system boosts its performance in which this iron can push up to 30% more steam into the fabrics than steam irons without a pump. Plus, the iron produces additional steam for about 35g per minute until you finish ironing all the clothes.

Easy to Control

Most reviews for Rowenta irons will also explain that this iron is easy to control. Thanks to the stainless-steel soleplate. Rowenta uses high-quality stainless steel to create a soleplate that glides smoothly.
The manufacturer also supports the soleplate with nonstick coating and 400 holes to spread the steam. It is one of the reasons why some Rowenta iron reviews from users explain that they feel comfortable while ironing their outfits no matter the fabrics.

Easy to Set Up

Steam iron with a sophisticated system doesn’t make Rowenta complicated to set up. Rowenta Iron DW9280 steam iron is easy to set up, along with its LED indicator and smart steam monitor sensor. You can choose one of the 5 settings to control the steam power.

Ensure that you read the manual to know the right setting to use for different fabrics. For the protection system, the manufacturer installs an auto security system. This security system will automatically shut off when the iron is too hot or in any condition that is out of normal. Due to the ease, Rowenta iron DW9280 is suitable for all users, whether first-time or advanced users.

Easy to Clean

Most of you may also be curious about how to clean Rowenta irons. You don’t need to worry about that because the Rowenta irons cleaning process is also easy to do. The manufacturer seems to understand that it takes time to clean steam iron.

Because of that, Rowenta applies self-cleaning systems and anti-calcium. These systems keep the cleaning process and the performance of the iron maximally. As a result, you can use this steam iron to last longer with the same result anytime you use it.

Get the Same Quality on Each Version

Rowenta also produces DW5080 steam iron. So, which one is better between Rowenta irons DW5080 vs DW9280 Rowenta? The quality of these two products is similar. Some features on these products are similar, such as the automatic 3-way shut-off system, stainless-steel soleplate, anti-calcium system, auto-cleaning system, and many more.

The difference is only in the power. Rowenta Iron DW5080 uses 1700-watts power, whereas Rowenta Iron DW9280 uses 1.800-watts power. The model of these two steam irons is also similar except for the color. Rowenta applies blue for the DW9280 version and taupe for the DW5080 version.

Easy to Buy

Finding Rowenta irons for sale online is easy. Check the products on reputable online stores, such as Amazon and Walmart. Take your time to read and compare the details of the Rowenta irons Walmart and Amazon.
You may find many similarities in them, yet some people love to buy this product via Amazon due to the more complete description. Indeed, the details depend on the version. Rowenta irons Costco may be a bit different from the DW9280 or DW5080 versions.

The most important thing is that you have to be selective while finding and selecting the best Rowenta irons on sale. It will be great if you find a special Rowenta irons sale that offers an interesting deal. Bed bath and beyond is another reputable online store you can visit to buy this steam iron.

By typing bed bath and beyond Rowenta irons as a keyword in the search engine, you will get the products in a few seconds. Then, you only have to read the description carefully. Using Rowenta irons bed bath and beyond as a keyword leads you to several versions of this steam iron.

Ensure that the features and capability of the iron cover you need while ironing. Then, you can bring the best one to your shopping cart and wait for the delivery service to deliver it to you. That’s it! Open the package and use the steam iron right away to see its result.


The point is that most reviews about Rowenta steam iron explain that this product is great. The features and performance are more than the ordinary steam irons. Users seem to be amazed by the powerful steam from the iron and the way it makes their fabrics smooth faster and easier.

The goal of this Rowenta steam iron DW9280 review is to give you an overview and help you to decide whether you have to buy this steam iron or not. Yet, Rowenta DW9280 steamforce steam iron can be your top option because it seems no other steam iron can compete. You may even think that you finally found a great steam iron you are looking for to support your ironing activity